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As travel planners, it is our responsibility to protect the natural environment for present and future generations. We are taking steps towards sustainability-friendly trips, which will have a significant impact in helping to build a more stable sustainability for the future.

If not now, then when?

7Stars Destination Management is aware that travelling has become a necessity for people worldwide. We provide access to the market, promoting destinations for city trips or nature outings. In addition to its many positive economic effects, there will inevitably be an impact to our environment. This is our big chance to contribute to this matter. Our team actively promotes and makes great efforts to minimize the impact on the climate in our business and operations, striving to balance market needs while also preserving nature.

How we make the difference?

We recognize the importance of preserving our planet’s natural resources, which starts with our daily operations. At 7Stars Destination Management, our dedicated teams work constantly to improve operational efficiency. This includes reducing paper usage by going digital, eliminating single-use products such as paper towels and and avoiding the use of paper coffee cups, optimizing energy consumption, and implementing recycling programs such as providing separate waste bins and promoting litter-less lunches.

Sustainability-friendly tours

Our goal is to conduct tours using eco-friendly transportation, while promoting cultural sites and sustainability-supporting locations. Beyond leisure, it’s a part of our itinerary to guide travelers on the importance of participating in this movement.