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Saudi Arabia

When it comes to luxury travel, Saudi Arabia is truly a diamond in the rough. With its reputation as a global center of religious tourism, it's no wonder that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a top destination for those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience

The country, which is the size of Western Europe, is home to two distinct regions: the peninsula and the mainland. The peninsula, on the western side of Saudi Arabia, is home to a number of cities, including the capital city Riyadh and the port city Jeddah. The mainland, or Eastern Province, contains most of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves.

Saudi Arabia has a number of tourist attractions that draw visitors to its borders every year. These range from religious sites—such as the birthplace of Mohammed in Mecca—to incredible natural wonders like sand dunes and oases in the deserts outside Riyadh and Jeddah. Visitors will be able to enjoy attractions in both regions with ease when they use Seven Stars DMC's services.

Seven Stars DMC in Saudi Arabia organizes trips for clients, who are typically large companies that put together group travel experiences for their employees and/or customers. Also we specialize in providing VIP services for conferences and events, particularly those involving foreign guests.

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