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Wellness and Health

Seven Stars DMC has created Discover & Recover, a special health and wellness package for resorts and hotels that allows you to combine room rates with medical, wellbeing or relaxation experiences. It's an opportunity to invite guests to escape their everyday lives and get the help they need at the same time!

Imagine what this could do for you: The chance to boost your guest satisfaction by creating a cutting-edge space where they can focus on their overall health and wellbeing. The opportunity to increase average length of stay through comprehensive packages that provide guests with everything they need—including guidance from experts in health and wellness who will take them through a personalized program designed just for them. Our team is ready to help you plan every detail of your program so that it exceeds expectations.

We offer a wide range of wellness and health holidays for every budget and every taste—from mainstream yoga retreats to alternative healing modalities like meditation, reiki, and shamanic healing.

When it comes time for your next vacation, skip the standard beach trip and choose a wellness holiday instead! Whether you’re looking for rejuvenation or transformation, we have the perfect experience for you at Seven Stars DMC.

Wellness and health holidays

Medical tourism: Traveling to receive medical treatment from a country with lower cost, or to access better quality care. These generally include cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, and fertility treatments.

Detox: This type of holiday is for people seeking a detoxification of their body and mind. The emphasis is on clean eating and nutrition, and time for relaxation and exercise. An exotic holiday to refresh and renew your body and soul. Includes: Detox, Ayurveda/Natural Healing, Yoga, Spa/Massages, Meditation.

Fitness holidays: This kind of holiday offers more intensive fitness training, with the goal being to improve well-being through exercise. Challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally with a fitness program that will give you the results you want.

Weight loss holidays: On these holidays, guests are encouraged to lose weight in an environment that offers motivation, support and guidance. Guests may be expected to follow a strict routine of dieting and exercise to achieve their goals. Weight loss programs are designed to encourage fast, healthy weight loss through exercise, healthy food, nutrition workshops and stress reduction activities.

Beauty treatments: These holidays focus on health and beauty treatments offered in the local surroundings. You'll look as good as you feel when you're on one of these health retreats. This will allow you to leave their holiday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Wellness & health: Our wellness programs are made specifically for people who are looking for mental, social and physical health improvement. It means that your holiday will be focused around activities that make you feel good, while also making you healthier.

Seven Stars Destination Management Company's Wellness & Health holidays allow DMCs to offer new services with zero investment and extra marketing budget. You can attract a new guest category and increase revenue with these new packages.