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Special Interest Tours

We are a team of travel professionals that specializes in inbound travel to the Middle East, Georgia, Morocco and Turkey. The Seven Stars Destination Management Company is a multi-channel, fully licensed, bonded and insured receptive tour operator.

Our clients have a wide range of special interests, from the keen hiker, who wants to explore the high cliffs and gorges of Georgia, to the history buff who prefers to discover some of Saudi Arabia's hidden gems. Whatever your passion, we can design an itinerary that brings you closer to the subject. Seven Stars DMC tailored solutions are for both leisure and corporate travel: tours that are customized to your schedule and designed around your interests, tastes, and budget. 

Special interest tours are a unique way to explore the culture, cuisine and history of a destination. We can help tailor your itinerary to include specific interests such as culinary tours, wine tasting, photography tours or even private shopping experiences.

Let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime with this customized travel experience.