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Seven Stars Sports Event Management Company is a full-service event management company that specialises in the planning and execution of international sporting events. We believe in creating fun experiences for our clients, athletes, and fans alike. Our team works with you to develop a unique event that is sure to exceed your expectations

Through our best sports event management services, we provide clients with premium expert sports event planner services and full turnkey solutions that meet the most stringent requirements. We are accepted by the most prominent bodies in game administration, which means we can help you reach your income, sponsorship, and media targets. We provide corporate hospitality applications - PR and merchandising - as well as event logistics and manufacturing services in order to make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

We partner with tour operators so you can enjoy full transparency when it comes to pricing and availability; this allows us to offer our clients complete peace of mind when planning an event from start to finish.

Our brand is all about being unique.


We believe in creating one-of-a-kind moments for athletes, brands, and businesses. We plan, organise, and involve stakeholders to create ideas that are both thoughtful and practical. Our events can take place in a vibrant city or in smaller venues. We incorporate the answers you need for your specific occasion into every detail of your plan to ensure that the event reflects your vision and budget.


We are a full-service event management company that offers marketing and ticket sales services, as well as corporate hospitality.

We specialise in promoting events, including music festivals and sporting events. We work with our clients to create advertising campaigns and media reports that will help them promote their events effectively. We also offer recreation and business services to companies looking to improve their employee morale and productivity.

Our team can help you plan an effective ticketing campaign for your next event using our components of ticketing, which includes sales, patron relationships, and client retention strategies.


An event management company that specialises in large-scale, high-profile events. We have an extensive background in logistics and manufacturing control methods, and we know how to secure and manage fields. We also know how to install equipment for seamless execution.


We work with broadcast partners in the countrywide and global markets, and we have an extensive reach for events. We also have a community of contacts that are always on hand to help us achieve our goals.

With our unique approach to sponsorship procurement and execution, we enable our clients to enjoy the best possible visibility in the marketplace. We offer a wide range of opportunities for direct advertising and sales possibilities with clear conversation to reach goal audiences. We work with your company to create experiences that are memorable and exciting for attendees, while also being beneficial for your brand. Whether it's a sporting event or a concert, we can help you reach your goals and exceed expectations.