Web: Visit our main web site at VohneLiche.com. Mostly I send the ones that are grievous for other reasons. Id. Address: 43455 Hilltop Drive. VLK has trained Police and Military . Vohne Liche Kennels They are a State and Federal authorized and certified training facility. Police/protection work is not a good fit for 90% of large dogs, even those bred for it. Photo of a German Shepherd in 1925. In St. Paul, Minnesota, three high-profile police K-9 attacks were captured on video (2016, 2017 and 2018), including two innocent bystanders and two K-9s ignoring "Out" commands. VLK has trained Police and Military Service Dogs for over 5000 law enforcement and government agencies to include the; National Security Agency (NSA) Polk County, FL United States Secret Services 2000) (citing Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Pena, 515 U.S. 200, 210-11 (1995); City of Los Angeles v. Lyons, 461 U.S. 95 (1983)). Alpha Dogs of Vohne Liche Kennels - pursuitmag.com Ind. Under the settlement, Vohne Liche Kennels agrees to repay the $900,000 of federal funds that Vohne Liche Kennels received for the fraudulently billed claims, and also agrees to pay a civil penalty of $450,000. Vohne Liche produced certifications, class schedules, and receipts. But these are serious dogs mauling people. I found this confusing and I found fat dogs. The attacks in this report portray white, Black and Latino suspects -- some were never classified as a "defendant" since they were never charged with a crime after the mauling. In a detailed opinion, the Seventh Circuit discussed the different methods by which a person could sue the Government for compensation of taken property. The following facts are undisputed. Because the officers could have removed him from the moped without resorting to grave body harm force. I havent watched the videos yet, but remember the news footage of guard dogs being set on protestors (by a private agency, not police) a few years ago at the Dakota pipeline. Plaintiff Kevin D. Miller, pro se ("Mr. Miller"), filed this lawsuit against Defendants Vohne Liche Kennels, Inc. ("Vohne Liche") and American Working Dogs United, Inc. ("AWD") (collectively, "Defendants"), under 42 U.S.C. U.S. Attorney says company inflated labor hours on DOD contract, Local news, breaking news, weather and traffic, Local sports from Kokomo and Howard County, Raising Cane's to open Kokomo location in 2024, Brothers arrested in 2013 death of Kokomo woman, Stellantis investing $155M in Kokomo plants for EDM production, The hottest ticket in town: Wildkats season has fans coming out in droves, Formerly homeless veteran moves into Habitat-built home, Howard County BZA grants special exception permit for ENGIE solar farm, BOYS BB: Maple reaches milestone in Macs win; NW nearly upsets Norwell, Edey, Big Ten champ Purdue outlast Wisconsin 63-61, SEARS, Juanita Dec 16, 1936 - Feb 27, 2023, JACKSON, Steven Nov 25, 1963 - Jan 1, 2023, BOUGHTON LANDIS, Nancy Mar 14, 1934 - Feb 20, 2023, BUTCHER, James "Jim" May 20, 1938 - Feb 28, 2023, HARRIS, Harold Nov 16, 1930 - Feb 27, 2023, WILLIAMS, Janet "Jan" Dec 3, 1930 - Feb 24, 2023. Trainers charge big dollars for these dogs with zero guarantee of the dogs resultant behaviour. . Specifically, Defendants argue that Mr. Miller knew of his injury on May 14, 2008, the date of his traffic stop, and thus the current action filed on January 13, 2012, is untimely. Two years earlier, K-9 Finn had attacked an officer during a training exercise, biting him on the face and neck. "Episode 162:"The Difference Between Cocaine and Quail with Ken Licklider. Owners dont understand the whole alpha thing. As such, the Court need not reach the merits of Mr. Miller's motion. Police will eventually be forced to hand over these records to Bailey's attorneys. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. 2009). Please register to receive news and information from VLK, Vohne Liche Kennels 2023 class schedule2023 Class Schedule. The Norfolk court cited United States v. Kubrick, 444 U.S. 111, 122 (1979), which, in discussing the discovery rule, explained that when "a plaintiff [is] in possession of the critical facts that he has been hurt and who has inflicted the injury," a statute of limitations will begin to run. After the August 14 announcement by the Department of Justice, Performance Kennels Inc., who imports dogs from Solvakia, The man on the bicycle, Richard Schumacher, suffered a "degloving of the right axilla" injury due to the K-9 mauling in Punta Gorda, Florida (See. I email some of them to Colleen. Noise Ordinance | Loudoun County, VA - Official Website Drunk driving is a crime, but compare the damage this guy could have done on a MOPED compared to the average SUV. Was this dog properly deployed on Bailey? No. The court ruled that the HOA overstepped in fining and suing a family for leaving holiday lights up year-round. Colleen, Dunno where youd file this but its just proof that the rescue rabbit hole goes deeper than youd think. Later, use of a clicker followed by a treat became popular. Virginia's highest court has overturned a homeowners association's lawsuit victory. Rather, the process of taking the facts in the light most favorable to the non-movant, first for one side and then for the other, may reveal that neither side has enough to prevail without a trial. Traffic stop leads to lawsuit | Local news | kokomotribune.com On June 8, 2012, because Mr. Miller lacked subject matter jurisdiction or failed to state a claim, the Court terminated the action against all municipalities and political subdivisions. The attack begins at 8:28 and lasts until 9:00. The show followed Licklider and his trainers as they honed their canines drug-sniffing, bomb-seeking skills for police departments and military personnel all over the world. The problem with Bouviers and Rottweilers are, although they are far more temperamentally suited in many cases, they tend to be one-person dogs and it is costly to train a dog where it needs to be with the handler from puppyhood (or at least 10-11 months) and trained with the handler for another year to get the best result. Violations of the noise ordinance range from a Class 3 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum fine of $500, to a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of twelve months in jail and a $2,500 fine. We will not tolerate dishonest contractors who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of federal taxpayers, said United States Attorney Thomas L. Kirsch II. Lafayette, IN - In 2014, our nonprofit began collecting police K-9 attacks of innocent bystanders, non-threatening suspects and low-level offenders. It should be trained to watch (meaning bark and look menacing) which does NOT mean to attack. On July 22, 2009, Mr. Miller filed suit in the United States District Court, Northern District of Indiana, against the Plymouth Police Department, the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, Officer John Weir, and two Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies ("Northern District litigation"). The K9 Olympics: Vohne Liche Kennels - Unleashed - YouTube The dog is poorly trained, as is the officerunless hes a brute. Just Wow. Vohne Liche Kennels (pronounced Von Lick) is a full service K-9 training facility where the best of. The standards have been lowered to keep the money rocketing in from the clueless. I cant speak to his motivation. Running away in fear shouldnt result in a person being maimed for life. VLK has trained Police and Military Service Dogs for over 5000 law enforcement and government agencies to include the; National Security Agency (NSA) Polk County, FL United States Secret Services This is about maximizing profit from these dogs with the least amount of effort. Prosecutors said Jeffrey Ryans "wasn't resisting arrest" at the time. The dog alerted for the presence of illegal drugs and a search of Mr. Miller's vehicle took place. Vohne Liche Kennels - Home - Facebook We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. I trained all my dogs to heel. Trainers have forgotten the basics and if you cant instil those because as a trainer you are incompetent or the dog is just too stupid and/or temperamentalthat dog should be flunked, even if it is a 10k Mali. "One can't file a suit against a nonexistent party, although one may be able to invoke a tolling rule to delay suing if it is not possible even with the exercise of due diligence to identify the injurer." And that dog had access to arms and legs and targeted the neck. #k9 #vlkproud #vohnelichekennels #k9unit. Our nonprofit began investigating the issue of police K-9 attacks on undeserving people six years ago. Montgomery County Officer D. Richardson and his partner, Axel, responded to a bank robbery. Nor were there deceptive or fraudulent acts. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2007-2023 DogsBite.org | Published by Lynn Media Group, DogsBite.org is a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. Your email address will not be published. I often see pits in spiked collars and still dragging the person down the street. Here, Mr. Miller claims he was ignorant to his injury and who caused it. Because ultimately it costs more in the long run to pay out on lawsuits. Saxton was given sole ownership of this dog -- removing any future liability to the city. Wow. Drug Dog Suit Filed Against Indiana Cities | Liar Catchers Blog After Axel jumped through a broken window (while leashed), Axel waited for Richardson to follow. The MPFU looks forward to continuing to work with our law enforcement partners to address fraud, no matter how large or small.. Thank you, Colleen, for bringing this under color of law grave threat to attention, via your exhaustive work. The principle remains, though. Thats what agitation (fancy name for heavy leather wide flat buckle collars) are for. at 838. - United States Attorney Thomas L. Kirsch II. "Our desire is to acquire dogs with true natural drives." Dogs that are not taught how to do police/military work but ones that can . 1999). We will not tolerate dishonest contractors who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of federal taxpayers. - United States Attorney Thomas L. Kirsch II. In fact, Mr. Miller concedes that he requested information concerning the dog's training on November 3, 2009, so this theory of liability was undisputedly known to him by that date. The relation back date was "two years after his claim accrued under the discovery rule." Nobody in their right mind would buy/train a protection dog and think its a petuntil YouTube came along with dog trainers selling protection dogs for tens of thousands of dollars. (Alpha Dogs premieres on February 8 and airs Fridays at 9 p.m on Nat Geo WILD.You can see a preview here.). of Ind., LLC v. Hobart City of Common Council, 406 F.3d 926, 929 (7th Cir. "Fraudulent concealment is an equitable doctrine that operates to estop a defendant from asserting the statute of limitations as a bar to a claim whenever the defendant, by his own actions, prevents the plaintiff from obtaining the knowledge necessary to pursue a claim." Watching the body cam video should make you weep. Yer grievously cuttin into a bizness model of stringing along clueless, sentimental owners for months until the inevitable lawsuit by said murdered poodles owner and their grannys estate. Even without fraudulent concealment, equitable tolling may apply when claims cannot be discovered with the exercise of reasonable diligence. In his 1983 claim, Mr. Miller alleges Vohne Liche and AWD failed to properly train police dogs and their actions resulted in a violation of his civil rights and he is asking the Court to enjoin AWD from certifying drug detection dogs in Indiana. Should the handler have been promoted? Courses - Vohne Liche Kennels This notion applies equally where, as here, opposing parties each move for summary judgment in their favor pursuant to Rule 56. During 2010, the DOD saw an increased demand for military working dog teams in support of the U.S. Armys mission in Afghanistan, which prompted the creation of the TEDDs program. A locked padlock "With cross-motions, [the Court's] review of the record requires that [the Court] construe all inferences in favor of the party against whom the motion under consideration is made." Personnel Ken Licklider - Vohne Liche Please consider subscribing so we can continue to bring you the best local news, sports and entertainment coverage. In the video, K-9 Boyka attacks Bailey's neck area for 30 seconds (see left side of screen), while an officer handcuffed him. A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. In comments, we would like your feedback on the Lafayette Police Department K-9 neck attack involving Sgt. That is a very strong indicator this K-9 has a history of inappropriate bites, as we would expect a "neck biter" to have. Its not for the faint-hearted. Casetext, Inc. and Casetext are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. I cant pretend to know anything about how a police dog or a service dog is trained. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office released a statement to address what it called "misinformation" circulating in the media regarding the two cases. The Lafayette police K-9 "neck attack" fell squarely within worldwide protests due to the disproportionate police violence inflicted on Black men. IMO this handler is either panicking, doesnt understand that he is exciting the dog, or is making a show of releasing the dog while agitating it. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. The dogs are under greater pressure and less able to handle that pressure calmly due to training them to be excited by their *performance*, rather than obedient to commands. Spencer Erickson, 26, was attacked in the neck by Lakewood Police Department K-9 Finn. If you go to hashtag bluefall on twitter, they have many more. In 2013, company owner Ken Licklider and his trainers were featured on a 16-episode reality TV series on Nat Geo Wild called Alpha Dogs. The cast of local trainers made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman that same year. We continued tracking individual cases and regional investigations into police K-9 units often rifled with poor training, unstable dogs and excessive force.4 In North Port, Florida, "cowboy" handlers were commanding their dogs to attack unarmed citizens without sufficient evidence to charge a crime. I dont know what kind of budget local PDs have, but I hope they are not cutting corners up front trying to get less-than-well-trained K9s on the cheap. 2001). (Rude kids are no fun either. Before we show you the 16-minute video released by the Lafayette Police Department in July that shows another insidious "neck attack" by a police K-9 to an unarmed suspect, watch how this K-9 immobilized this man. Id. Just search Police Dogs and Protests and watch how wound up the dogs are. Simmons v. 7953 N Old Route 31, Denver, IN 46926 That dog's training performed an excellent outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzYOpaaxtAA, Thats what happens when youre armed with a soft drink. Police dogs in the USA get most of their training overseas. While all three teachers have spoken out against the policy, Tanner was suspended for the comments he made in his personal capacity at a public school board meeting in May 2021. Deaths are also rare because the dogs are trained to attack the arms and legs -- not the head and neck. This settlement was reached as a result of an investigation by the United States Attorneys Office for the Northern District of Indiana, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Indianapolis Resident Agency, and the United States Army CID, Major Procurement Fraud Unit, Indianapolis Fraud Resident Agency. VLK's training staff has certified city, county, state and Federal Law Enforcement / Government Agencies around the world to handle dogs. Thanks Richard. Specifically, Mr. Miller asked for discovery documents concerning the training of the police dog that alerted to his car. 226). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU-BtaVxQMY. Download PDF. In the Prescott Valley video, police at the scene assess the man's bite injuries. Fed. The policy requires teachers to help students deny their biological sex by using whatever pronouns students specify. Great dogs and great people! at 837. (paid for by pet snack and leash companies). And then, it may wind up being temperamentally unsuited and all that money is down the crapper. These news stories are full of lots of content relating to how the officer grieves the loss of his partner, because of the strong emotional bond that he formed with it. In the case of someone running away *with a weapon* the dog can knock down+hold until the handler can arrive. The dog appears to perform a clean "Out" too (see full video). FFS a dog that cannot breathe will let go and wont reject the OUT command next time. Id. Once trained, my dogs would heel with a regular leather collar. Heeling seems to have gone out of style across the board. As you observed, these police dogs are locked & loaded.incredibly amped up. What you will see in the Lafayette video is profoundly different and disturbing. Something about aggression and bitework is just toxic with many people; they lose their damn minds. At 8:52, Saxton snaps a leash onto the dog. Watch how often when police are walking their K9s the dogs are *not* heeling. Of course, in so many attacks they boltcollar or no collar. If the plaintiff does not have standing, there is no case or controversy, and the court does not have jurisdiction over the claims. Norfolk is a criminal case, in which defendant sought the return of his property from the Government under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41(g). Mr. Miller has moved for partial summary judgment against Vohne Liche seeking to resolve substantive questions of law relevant to his damages claim. Your email address will not be published. Vohne Liche Kennels does not account for thin nerves, or dogs with extreme levels of dominance, or those relationship dogs that are held in balance by play and genuine affection in addition to respecting the strong dog knowing what hill you wish to die on, and what you dont. Vohne Liche Kennels - Home - Facebook The motion is therefore DENIED. Vohne Liche Kennels 7953 N Old Rte 31 Denver, IN 46926 (P) 765-985-2274 (F) 765-985-2595 Email General questions: vlkcourses@vohneliche.com Online Store: onlinestore@vohneliche.com Back to Top 2023 Vohne Liche Kennels Tweets by @@KennyLicklider It also inflated the number of labor hours performed in Afghanistan by the FSRs. For Violations of the Stark Law Regarding Physician Referrals, Fort Wayne Man Sentenced To 120 Months In Prison, Settlement With Vohne Liche Kennels, Inc. For Submitting False Claims For Its Work. the moving party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law." To support his argument, Mr. Miller relies on one sentence from United States v. Norfolk, 602 F.3d 830 (7th Cir. You nailed it, Terry. VLK also has the advantage of utilizing several trainers who are considered subject matter experts in their career fields. At that point, he may have pulled straight up, strangling it to force the release because from what I can see, the dog is much higher in the air than it is while he is agitating it. See Heaton & Eadle Prof'l Servs. First, Mr. Miller contends that Vohne Liche dogs are not trained to ignore the residual odor of drugs but only the presence of actual drugs and therefore a sniff by a Vohne Liche trained drug detection dog is a search under the Fourth Amendment; and second Mr. Miller contends that regardless of whether or not sniffs constitute a search, an alert by a Vohne Liche trained dog cannot establish probable cause to search a vehicle because Vohne Liche dogs have not been trained to ignore residual odors. It isnt about the safety of the officers, considering how many wind up getting mauled by their own dogs. Vohne Liche is doing a huge business with some pretty huge disasters without any reflection on their overall reputation. Contrary to what it appears to the normal eye in that video grabbing the dog by the collar at the sides and shaking it is also a technique called agitating the dog and the reason is to *excite the dog to bite harder* not to force a release. We also dedicated substantial time to that case, documenting the preliminary hearing and final trial, where former officer Alex Geiger was acquitted. And, rather than amend his complaint in the Northern District when he became aware of Defendants in October 2011, Mr. Miller chose to wait to file the current action in a this Court. You are going to get sued. I knew one that was banging them out at 5-10k after 6 weeks training. Vohne Liche Kennels - YouTube We will not tolerate dishonest contractors who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of federal taxpayers, said U.S. Attorney Thomas Kirsch in a release. There are buckets of articles about cadaver dogs that cant find a corpse in a graveyard and drug sniffers that cant tell the difference between bacon and bennies. Vohne Liche Kennels - Home - Facebook Contact us with theinformation below. Do you need a K-9? Of 40 hospital admission severe maulings per day in the USA, only very few are reported to the public. 1983 seeking damages and injunctive relief. Those can be significant injuries too, but are vastly different than a police K-9 targeting the head and neck region, an act of potentially killing, not an attempt to immobilize. When looked at that way, its easier to see when they should be deployed, and when they should not. It was very effective. You mean you didnt get dragged down the street by a dog in a harness while you waved bacon bits around as it mangled the neighbours poodle and then their granny? West 2023 class schedule2023 Class Schedule, Operation Mutt 22Click to view news articleVohne Liche Kennels is very proud to partner with Operation Mutt 22, All Graduating StudentsFREE BALLISTIC VEST, Vohne Liche Conference.